Sunday, 26 January 2014

2014 Gigs

First gig of the year and it is also the first gig I will be putting on through my Howling Invocations entity. Spoken word at Deadhead Comics Edinburgh Friday 31st January 20.00 - 22.00 Free

First band gig of the year and it will be with Tommy Concrete and the Werewolves playing a totally new set of old school extreme metal! Also on the bill will be Nolti Nan Gana Nan Nolta who play extreme blackened thrash and Endless Swarm who play Grindcore / Powerviolence. Edinburgh, Bannermans Bar, Thursday 27th February 20.00 - 23.00

The long awaited album launch for Exaanum by Jackal-Headed Guard of the Dead with support from Eagletomb. It will by at The Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh and will cost you a fiver. 22/3/14

 Doomsday all dayer! Featuring Karma to Burn, Desert Storm, Druganaut, Lords of Bastard, Bhang, Jackal-Headed Guard of the Dead, Neolithic & YLGR. 24/08/14 at The Cluny in Newcastle, only a tenner!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Some reasons why nobody came to see your gig

Concrete Head @ Bridlington Leisure World 1995, only another 2000 people and we would have filled the place, sometimes it's not that nobody came, it's that you were over optimistic when choosing a venue.

I have read a few of these sort of blogs of late, largely because a few of my friends have finally lost the plot and started to promote extreme metal gigs, and ultimately lost money on ninety nine percent of them, thus resulting in them getting pissed of and posting comments on social media about apathetic audiences, or posting blogs posts not dissimilar to this one. So here is my two pence worth of hints, advice, insults and facts on the subject.
First of all, in all honesty, I wish your band would split up and fuck off. If I could fast forward your bands career to the part when you sell your equipment to buy a washing machine for your ambitionless baby machine wife then I would. More gigs for me. Or as a compromise you could start a wedding band and play polite quiet gigs of pop crap to knobheads, great. More gigs for me.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Tear Yourself Free From Those Eyes (solo acoustic)

 One of these days this song is going to get the full live band power ballad treatment, but not yet. I wrote it in 1999 so no rush yet.

I Died In Front Of You (solo acoustic)

 I wrote this song back in 1999, it got played live and recorded by a band I sang for in Liverpool called Underhill... anyway here it is again this time it's an acoustic version. Why not I'm fucking bored and don't have an amp hahaha.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

What happened with the book?

'Where can I buy your book, isn't it out yet? I thought it was out, when is it out?'.....
My second book Brollachans, was supposed to come out this year on Wasted State records with whom I had put out solo stuff, Shitball and featured on the Gareeda debut. Anyway too much stuff had gone wrong, not been done or been done shit for my liking so I pulled the book from the label... Anyway it turned out it was too late as after months and months of waiting it was finally at the printers so I decided to stay on the label... anyway a week later the books arrived with no price, no barcode, no isbn, no page numbers, no author credits, no formatting blah blah blah. The fault for this is either Wasted State Records, the printers, me or all of the above and depending on which reality you live in will determine your opinion. Anyway I left the label and asked for my back catalogue to be removed also. I am a bit annoyed that Brollachans did not come out this year... although to be fair to Wasted State Records it would be if I hadn't have left the label as they were prepared to do another print of it, however I wasn't prepared to work with the label any more, as I was personally more than convinced that it was not going to be a very good idea at all. So I will be re-releasing my Tommy Concrete solo stuff myself in 2014 along with Brollachans, the hard part has been done, as in it has been written... I just need to raise some cash to get them printed, which will be easier than writing it. Well, that is as far as I am concerned what happened, at least to the extent that I am prepared to write about on a blog. I became a solo artist because I was fed up of weak links. If I get offered a gig I want to play I play it, if a band member can't do it, I do it without them or replace them, if the whole band can't do it or be replaced I will do it on my own and have done and am perfectly happy with that. It's how I want it so that is how it is, it is after all a solo career. Now this is the bit where I am supposed to give advice to young bands to 'Always get it in writing and get your contract sussed by a music lawyer' and then give a sob story about how I wished I'd had a contract.... well I never had a contract with Wasted State Records so that is how it was so easy to just walk away from the situation that I was not happy with. That and Wasted State Records offering no resistance to my decision and doing what needed to be done at their end. So..... 'Don't sign anything' is my advice. Join the Musicians Union, PPL & PRS and do it yourself, if you don't know how to, ask. Don't rush shit, it's better for something to come out right but take a while then for it to come out early and be unsatisfactory. Believe in yourself, trust yourself and don't sell yourself short. I love my art, it's who I am.

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Wednesday, 31 July 2013